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Liek Woah…..
August 6, 2007

:O I’m DJing now? No wai. And it’s actually something i’m good at. With Animation and Beat Making, i was always doing things half-assed. Well maybe not half-assed, because i really didn’t know HOW to do it well; but anyway, DJing is a new thing for me. I’ve gotten some good feedback on 3 songs i Screwed and Chopped with Virtual DJ from my cousin. I might even make my own Internet Radio Show, once i get pretty good at it (and when i get a mic). Again, you can check out my stuff at

Lulz, i hope i don’t get sued….



July 31, 2007

Lulz, hacked. No not really.

Can you believe that? Ha ha, they said, “Epic Lulz”.

July 1, 2007

I dunno. But it sho sound like it.

Wiki Definition: …characterized by a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity, as well as forgetfulness, poor impulse control or impulsivity, and distractibility….

Inattention: Check / Forgetfulness: Check / Poor Impulse control: Hmm…Check / distractibility: check.

And why do i say this? Because i’m so lazy to make beats now. Hmmm….Maybe i should go back to animating……..Whateva… I’ll try some stuff out again, today and see if i can pay attention. Lol, it might just be me being lazy, or i have A.D.D…

o yea, don’t forget to check my blog roll. I have some pretty cool links in der. Check out my groupboard page and Spam Revamped.


So’s, he quits with the animation, an’ now he’ s doin’ the music biz….
June 21, 2007

Yeah, you heard right. Im making beats now. I only have 2 up on my sound click though.

This is just a quick update, so heres my soundclick:


Yeah, i’m living it up…
June 10, 2007

Been a few weeks?
April 22, 2007

So yeah, its been a few weeks, and surprisingly, nothing has happened. Nothing exciting that is. Here’s the low-down on everything. Well, i guess i got my grades to a passing level but that might go down the drain with this math test that’s going to be tomorrow. (Friday)

Moving on….. Today i was supposed to get into a fight with some kid today, but he said he apparently “woke up late”. So i suggested to fight after class, then he says, “I’m uh, getting picked up from school early”. So i says, “What for?”, “Uh, yeah i have to go get some fries”. I knew he didn’t need to ” get some fries”, but i let it slip by. Then i finally said, ” Shit, what the fuck. Let’s fight tomorrow then. I’m tired of you.” Blocking that, he says, “I’m probably not going to be in school tomorrow, i have to go get my Nintendo Wii.” I’m thinking shit what a fucking pussy. Then fucking finally i say, “God damn it, then let’s fucking knuckle up on Monday.” Then like the pussy he is, he says, “Nah, i don’t want to fight you anymore. Its like something came over me.” That fat fuck.

So last but not least, i got a new videogame.


I hate my doctor.
February 25, 2007

I went to my doctor to fill up my physical form, and the secretary tells me he’ll do it on monday because he isn’t here on Saturday and Sunday. Sounds good to you? No. Monday is the last and final day for tryouts. So, yeah, you know what happens; missed tryouts and blah blah blah. Then i go to the doctor a few weeks later cause i jammed my finger playing basketball. So i go, and he’s checking my finger right, and as if some invisible person reminds him, he says, “OH. I forgot, heres your physical.” So, in all politeness i say, “Thanks.” So when he’s done checking my finger and giving me an X-Ray and all that, (it was jammed for like, 3 weeks) we’re walking down the hall and he says, “I bet you, you’re going to make the tryouts. Top of the class!” While he’ s raising his hands in emphasis, i say, “Yeah, tryouts were last monday.” And heres the part where i really get pissed off, but don’t show it. Like he doesn’t know, he says sarcastically, “Oh my god. Im sorry. I was supposed fill it up for you on monday, but i asked my secratary to do it. Im sorry.” Pfft… Probably to busy jerking off or something….

The things we have to do….
February 11, 2007

Well, i’ve just found out a thing called, “Self-Immolation”. Wikipedia describes it as, “Self-immolation is the act of self-sacrifice by suicide. Literally, “immolation” implies suicide by fire, but the term also includes other forms of self-sacrifice”

And the question is, why would anyone do such a thing like that? Well, one answer is, to make a statement. One might say, “What a crazy way to make a statement”. But what can you do? When you have no power, anything is meaningless. That may be my pessimist side going off. This ultimate act of self sacrafice goes to show the things we do just make things right.

Notable acts would be Thích Quảng Đức, a buddhist priest protesting against the goverment oppressing the Buddhist religion, and Malachi Ritscher against many things that he found disgusting in today’s society. Now that i think of it, Malachi Ritscher didn’t have much of a reason. At least Thích Quảng Đức had more of a reason. Plus Buddhist monks are fucking hardcore.

The Blog Father.
January 28, 2007

Hello. Am i your blogs father? Or really, did i just picked that name because it sounded cool? Hmm? Yeah. So i made my background the way i wanted it. And hmmm, i really don’t know what to do now. Since i dont know a lick of CSS or whatever that crap is, i just used one of them premade backgrounds. Then i added a different header with Odelay on it. BTW, if you’re wondering why i put odelay on my header, its because Odelay is my domain name. You know. Thats a keeper. So anyway, i really dont know how to strike a real conversation, and i know sure as hell, thats probably the same thing with writing a blog. Lets hope we don’t die soon. Because i have a kick ass domain name.

Word to your mom’s, The Blog Father.