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whassupp mother fuckers
March 23, 2009

got daaaang its been a long time.

i cant sleep so lets gets started on my life 🙂

aight. well. remember last year when i used to get in a whole heapp’a trouble? i’ve cut down on that because well. i’m tired of sitting in CAEP, haha. out of this whole  year the worst punishment (and probably only; or maybe im forgetting?) was a 2 or 4 hour detention? and it was all good, cus i had to be at school anyway for this debate tournament thing. YEAH I SAID IT. DEBATE. I WAS IN THE DEBATE CLASS. lol i have no idea how i got in that class, but the reason why i didn’t switch classes immediately was because i had a lot of people i knew from last year in that class, and it was basically a “‘do anything” class. the times that the teacher actually teached was when we either had to go to a debate tournament (i went to 2, but 1 of them didn’t count because we were hosting it, and the other one, i did like 1 thing for 10 minutes and for the rest of the day i got to chill with people from other schools haha) or if he just decided to actually say something. But never the less, i got out of that class in 2nd semester so yahh. LOL i already sound soo much more nerdier than last year. But nahh, i wouldn’t call myself that compared to a bunch of people here. I tryy to dress semi or wholly fresh everydayy. And i’ve gotten compliments that i do 🙂  but eh. this year it seems that even though i’ve got everything i need, i just feel like my self esteem is noticably lower. i’ve finally got the good life (or semi-good; my grades could be a little better haha) but things just seem wrong. im more depressed more often and its just blahhhh. i think its because of this chick that i’ve been diggin’ for the longest time haha. shes my bestyy but still i cant help feelin’ this way about her.  idunno.    ;; also as i said, i’ve gotten in to dancing. i started trying to learn during the summer of last year but shittt was hard so i stopped all together. i think i started to try to pop and wave n all that shit, but then i thought it was to technical. So i tried to bboy, but then i thought i needed a lot of body strength for that. THEN during the start of the school year i met a bunch of people who also bboy and pop and so i got help and progressed with them. I don’t think im very good, but honestly, i can say im way better than when i started so i guess thats improvement? i dunno about art and graff anymore? i know i was wayy into it before but now idunno. Of course i still try to draw or graff everyday but i just don’t see that hunger for it anymore. Ofcourseee though i think i got more up this school year than last year, but im still not feeling what i want to.

lol im bored  now, but i’ll prolly finish this off in a later post

haha its been nice butttttt



can i kick it witchuu?
November 16, 2008


There has been a lot of things goin on, since my last post.

1: I got caught smoking ;[

2: I didnt fail 8th grade 🙂

3: Hiiighschoooooool ( i dont know if i wrote about that i just got into highschool on my last post)

4: Uhh….I started getting high more recently haha

5: I got back into graff

6: Im into bboying now

7: im also into popping and all that sexy neyo usher mickey mouse shit

8: uhh

9: i havent gotten over the same girl that i fell for last year. Dont know if i wrote about it. But damn a fucking year? And yeahhhh i still want herrr 😦

So yeah, thats a lil touch up on whats being goin down these few monthssss…

aightiezzz; peace

i’ll write what has happened while i was gone later
October 24, 2008

i am the eyes and ears of the ghetto//
cut the head from the neck; but make it nice and slow//
and you know, when i sniff that yayo, i make the brain blow//
i get that chedda cheese n that dough//
violent by design, but  i aint frontin//
cute as a button//
ur nobody like all dem nothins//
a lil’ crumb//
a lil’ bitch//
i have no remorse when i flick the saftey switch//
have you pleadin’ as i cock back the hammer//
kill dis nigga in the most brutal way and manner//

June 2, 2008

O sh…..I’m at school.

K bye.

Killin’ Fah Colors
May 15, 2008


Oh mah Jee-suss
April 26, 2008

I got suspended for 2 days and a following week of ISS for lighting stuff on fire at school.


March 23, 2008

This nigga was the shittt

Went bombing….
March 19, 2008

When bombing a few days ago. Caught some throws and some tags… Nearly destroyed this bridge but ran out of paint…

I’ll get some flix once i’m able to get out of the house. [It’s always too dark to take pictures at night, even if i use flash] So anyways, i have a shit load of make up work that i’m supposed to do over the spring break [oh yeah, i forgot, i’m on spring break =D] but i’ve been procrastinatin’ and playin’ video games all day like a lazy bum. In fact, i should be doing said make up work now instead of typing this lol


February 28, 2008

Most likely you’ll see me in 8th grade again, as i’m failing math and science. They said if i fail math, i WILL fail the 8th grade. I have to make high B’s in everything i make. Fuck that shit, i’m probably going to summer school. Plus TAKS is next week. And boy golly gee willikers, i made a 17% on my math final exams. But yo, it’s all good. Soon all my cares will go up in smoke nah meaaan lol. (If you’re a faggot and don’t know what i mean, i mean going pottin)

So yeah, whatever. Just an update.


Happy Valentines Day
February 14, 2008

Too bad i’m sick as a mutha fuckaa