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whassupp mother fuckers
March 23, 2009

got daaaang its been a long time.

i cant sleep so lets gets started on my life 🙂

aight. well. remember last year when i used to get in a whole heapp’a trouble? i’ve cut down on that because well. i’m tired of sitting in CAEP, haha. out of this whole  year the worst punishment (and probably only; or maybe im forgetting?) was a 2 or 4 hour detention? and it was all good, cus i had to be at school anyway for this debate tournament thing. YEAH I SAID IT. DEBATE. I WAS IN THE DEBATE CLASS. lol i have no idea how i got in that class, but the reason why i didn’t switch classes immediately was because i had a lot of people i knew from last year in that class, and it was basically a “‘do anything” class. the times that the teacher actually teached was when we either had to go to a debate tournament (i went to 2, but 1 of them didn’t count because we were hosting it, and the other one, i did like 1 thing for 10 minutes and for the rest of the day i got to chill with people from other schools haha) or if he just decided to actually say something. But never the less, i got out of that class in 2nd semester so yahh. LOL i already sound soo much more nerdier than last year. But nahh, i wouldn’t call myself that compared to a bunch of people here. I tryy to dress semi or wholly fresh everydayy. And i’ve gotten compliments that i do 🙂  but eh. this year it seems that even though i’ve got everything i need, i just feel like my self esteem is noticably lower. i’ve finally got the good life (or semi-good; my grades could be a little better haha) but things just seem wrong. im more depressed more often and its just blahhhh. i think its because of this chick that i’ve been diggin’ for the longest time haha. shes my bestyy but still i cant help feelin’ this way about her.  idunno.    ;; also as i said, i’ve gotten in to dancing. i started trying to learn during the summer of last year but shittt was hard so i stopped all together. i think i started to try to pop and wave n all that shit, but then i thought it was to technical. So i tried to bboy, but then i thought i needed a lot of body strength for that. THEN during the start of the school year i met a bunch of people who also bboy and pop and so i got help and progressed with them. I don’t think im very good, but honestly, i can say im way better than when i started so i guess thats improvement? i dunno about art and graff anymore? i know i was wayy into it before but now idunno. Of course i still try to draw or graff everyday but i just don’t see that hunger for it anymore. Ofcourseee though i think i got more up this school year than last year, but im still not feeling what i want to.

lol im bored  now, but i’ll prolly finish this off in a later post

haha its been nice butttttt