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can i kick it witchuu?
November 16, 2008


There has been a lot of things goin on, since my last post.

1: I got caught smoking ;[

2: I didnt fail 8th grade 🙂

3: Hiiighschoooooool ( i dont know if i wrote about that i just got into highschool on my last post)

4: Uhh….I started getting high more recently haha

5: I got back into graff

6: Im into bboying now

7: im also into popping and all that sexy neyo usher mickey mouse shit

8: uhh

9: i havent gotten over the same girl that i fell for last year. Dont know if i wrote about it. But damn a fucking year? And yeahhhh i still want herrr 😦

So yeah, thats a lil touch up on whats being goin down these few monthssss…

aightiezzz; peace