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The Low Down
January 18, 2008

Sup ya’ll.

So heres the lowdown on everything. I’ll start with what i got for Christmas.

  • Exactly 2 shirts
  • 80 something dollars
  • The Assassins Creed video game
  • Ipod Nano 3rd Generation ❤

I’m also failing in Science and Math. :[ But yo i think i aced the U.S History Exam so booh yahhh! But yeah if you don’t know what i mean, i mean final exams for the 1st semester. Annnnnd on tuesday i get to go back on the bus. If you don’t know what that means also, i did some graffiti on all the seats of the bus in a matter of a few weeks then the caught me. That don’t mean that i’m stopping nah meaan lol

So that’s pretty much it. Wish me luck for my last exams; Science and Art


Btw Run’s House is like my favorite show now. The season finale which was today was sadd but good :'[