I got banned at Gaia Online : ‘] But srsly good riddens. I was turning into a gaiafag for a second there. I feel a kind of loss though, seeing as i had spent so much time on it, and had some good items. Guess i should of thought of making ANOTHER account? Lulz.

Osh-…Halo 3 is coming out in a few hours ❤ Too bad i didn’t reserve </3


DBU may be my new Graff Krew. All i have to do is convince my mother to have a “sleep over” at my friend’s house, when i’m actually going to go to Galveston to tag the sea wall with the krew, and get some spray. Easy as pie. I’ll update you on that next week, because thats when it’s happening.

-Jerrel *AKA* JUICE


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