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September 25, 2007

I got banned at Gaia Online : ‘] But srsly good riddens. I was turning into a gaiafag for a second there. I feel a kind of loss though, seeing as i had spent so much time on it, and had some good items. Guess i should of thought of making ANOTHER account? Lulz.

Osh-…Halo 3 is coming out in a few hours ❤ Too bad i didn’t reserve </3


DBU may be my new Graff Krew. All i have to do is convince my mother to have a “sleep over” at my friend’s house, when i’m actually going to go to Galveston to tag the sea wall with the krew, and get some spray. Easy as pie. I’ll update you on that next week, because thats when it’s happening.

-Jerrel *AKA* JUICE


September 19, 2007

Been a while, so i thought i’d update you a little bit.

1: New ass school. Srsly. I go to David Crockett Middle School now, even though it’s 15 minutes away from my house, when my old school was like what, 1-2 minutes away? There are mostly some kids from Hodges Bend, mixed with some kids from Garcia. DAMN, i just hate those fuckin’ Garcia skater bitches. They’re so gay, with their tight ass pants and shirts. I can admit, some of them are okay, but for reeeeeeaaal. And not just the skater kids, but the whole entirety of them. It’s like they can’t take a joke. Everything is all serious. If they don’t get their work done in the correct amount of time, they won’t be “happy campers” (Said by an actual Garcia fag, except the “their’s” and “theys” are “ours” and “I’s”. I know a couple friends here, and i made some friends with SOME people from Garcia and some from neither HBMS or Garcia.

2: Daaaaaaaaamn. The rush of Graffiti is great. It’s prolly my main priority now, even though half the time, i don’t even have enough or even HAVE paint. I think a one too many has seen my Blackbook, and people are just coming by the thousands to ask me, “OMG, U R SO GOOOOOD! PLZ DRAW _______ LOVES _______! KTHNXBYE”. I srsly know i shouldn’t be complaining, but come on. I don’t even charge. And they can actually get mad at me, as if they THINK THEY SET MY TIME? I set my own time, bitch.

3: Is it me, or have i been eating burritos every single day for lunch. Unless of course they run out of burritos, so then i switch to the burger line.

4: ftw?

5: Some kid got stuck in the face today fah reeeeal. He didn’t even do nothing, lol.