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Know what Vienna sausages are made of?
August 8, 2007

Yeah, these. Squashed up together, add a little flava to it, who’s gonna know that Vienna Sausages are made of turkey testicles? LULZ I B JAY KAYIN U.


Liek Woah…..
August 6, 2007

:O I’m DJing now? No wai. And it’s actually something i’m good at. With Animation and Beat Making, i was always doing things half-assed. Well maybe not half-assed, because i really didn’t know HOW to do it well; but anyway, DJing is a new thing for me. I’ve gotten some good feedback on 3 songs i Screwed and Chopped with Virtual DJ from my cousin. I might even make my own Internet Radio Show, once i get pretty good at it (and when i get a mic). Again, you can check out my stuff at

Lulz, i hope i don’t get sued….