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Been a few weeks?
April 22, 2007

So yeah, its been a few weeks, and surprisingly, nothing has happened. Nothing exciting that is. Here’s the low-down on everything. Well, i guess i got my grades to a passing level but that might go down the drain with this math test that’s going to be tomorrow. (Friday)

Moving on….. Today i was supposed to get into a fight with some kid today, but he said he apparently “woke up late”. So i suggested to fight after class, then he says, “I’m uh, getting picked up from school early”. So i says, “What for?”, “Uh, yeah i have to go get some fries”. I knew he didn’t need to ” get some fries”, but i let it slip by. Then i finally said, ” Shit, what the fuck. Let’s fight tomorrow then. I’m tired of you.” Blocking that, he says, “I’m probably not going to be in school tomorrow, i have to go get my Nintendo Wii.” I’m thinking shit what a fucking pussy. Then fucking finally i say, “God damn it, then let’s fucking knuckle up on Monday.” Then like the pussy he is, he says, “Nah, i don’t want to fight you anymore. Its like something came over me.” That fat fuck.

So last but not least, i got a new videogame.