I hate my doctor.

I went to my doctor to fill up my physical form, and the secretary tells me he’ll do it on monday because he isn’t here on Saturday and Sunday. Sounds good to you? No. Monday is the last and final day for tryouts. So, yeah, you know what happens; missed tryouts and blah blah blah. Then i go to the doctor a few weeks later cause i jammed my finger playing basketball. So i go, and he’s checking my finger right, and as if some invisible person reminds him, he says, “OH. I forgot, heres your physical.” So, in all politeness i say, “Thanks.” So when he’s done checking my finger and giving me an X-Ray and all that, (it was jammed for like, 3 weeks) we’re walking down the hall and he says, “I bet you, you’re going to make the tryouts. Top of the class!” While he’ s raising his hands in emphasis, i say, “Yeah, tryouts were last monday.” And heres the part where i really get pissed off, but don’t show it. Like he doesn’t know, he says sarcastically, “Oh my god. Im sorry. I was supposed fill it up for you on monday, but i asked my secratary to do it. Im sorry.” Pfft… Probably to busy jerking off or something….


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