The things we have to do….

Well, i’ve just found out a thing called, “Self-Immolation”. Wikipedia describes it as, “Self-immolation is the act of self-sacrifice by suicide. Literally, “immolation” implies suicide by fire, but the term also includes other forms of self-sacrifice”

And the question is, why would anyone do such a thing like that? Well, one answer is, to make a statement. One might say, “What a crazy way to make a statement”. But what can you do? When you have no power, anything is meaningless. That may be my pessimist side going off. This ultimate act of self sacrafice goes to show the things we do just make things right.

Notable acts would be Thích Quảng Đức, a buddhist priest protesting against the goverment oppressing the Buddhist religion, and Malachi Ritscher against many things that he found disgusting in today’s society. Now that i think of it, Malachi Ritscher didn’t have much of a reason. At least Thích Quảng Đức had more of a reason. Plus Buddhist monks are fucking hardcore.


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