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The Blog Father.
January 28, 2007

Hello. Am i your blogs father? Or really, did i just picked that name because it sounded cool? Hmm? Yeah. So i made my background the way i wanted it. And hmmm, i really don’t know what to do now. Since i dont know a lick of CSS or whatever that crap is, i just used one of them premade backgrounds. Then i added a different header with Odelay on it. BTW, if you’re wondering why i put odelay on my header, its because Odelay is my domain name. You know. Thats a keeper. So anyway, i really dont know how to strike a real conversation, and i know sure as hell, thats probably the same thing with writing a blog. Lets hope we don’t die soon. Because i have a kick ass domain name.

Word to your mom’s, The Blog Father.